[30 May 13] The Debate: Crackdown on Bahraini people continues - English

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Targeting of activists, who demand freedom and change, continues by the authorities in Bahrain. Scores of people remaining in prison or detained for opposing the government, including prisoners of conscience and people sentenced after unfair trials. Human rights defenders and other activists harassed and imprisoned. And people dying from inhaling teargas fired by Saudi-backed regime forces. In a fresh sign of its unrelenting crackdown, Bahrain\\\'s regime forces attack the funeral procession of a 31-year old man, Omran al-Seyed, who died after inhaling tear gas in the village of Karzakan. Regime forces tried to disperse mourners by firing tear gas and stun grenades. Bahrainis have been protesting against the Al Khalifah regime for over two years now. Manama has responded with an iron fist. Scores have been killed and many injured or arrested during the crackdown. The U.S. and its allies have turned a blind eye to the atrocity which has been facilitated by Saudi Arabia\\\'s intervention in Bahrain. In this edition of the Debate, we\\\'ll discuss Bahrain, including new developments, such as UK\\\'s arms sale, and why the international bodies and countries who promote democracy have failed to do anything about the cries coming from this tiny Persian Gulf Kingdom.

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