[22 Nov 2013] US marks 50th anniversary of JFK\'s assassination - English

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22   Nov   2013   US   marks   50th   anniversary   of   JFK   assassination   PTV   Presstv   English   It   was   an   ill   fated   day   50   years   ago   when   an   assassin   shot   former   President   John   F   Kennedy   The   president   was   traveling  

It was an ill-fated day 50 years ago when an assassin shot former President John F. Kennedy. The president was traveling in a motorcade with his wife Caroline in Dallas, Texas in 1963. He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Lee Harvey Oswald was accused of the crime and he was later shot and killed by Jack Ruby. Oswald never stood trial. Since that time, speculation has swirled around why Kennedy was targeted. It still haunts journalists who reported from the tragedy. Kennedy was the 35th US president. He was assassinated almost three years into his term. For many, he\'s left behind an unfulfilled promise. But Kennedy did leave behind a legacy of tradition that is being remembered for generations. This week, President Obama remembered his predecessors memory at Arlington National cemetery. He laid a wreath at the grave site with former President Bill Clinton and relatives of the slain president. Mr. Obama was accompanied by Ethel Kennedy, the wife of Robert Kennedy. Earlier in the day, the current president carried on the tradition of presenting a medal of freedom. A tradition started by Kennedy that he never lived to see. President Kennedy\'s legacy lives on despite the tragedy that cut his life at 46 years old. There are many who have theorized that his assassination was part of a conspiracy plot. But the real truth surrounding the former president\'s death may never really be known.

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