[31 Jan 2014] Bahraini forces attack demonstrators in Abu Saiba - English

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31   Jan   2014   Bahraini   forces   attack   demonstrators   in   Abu   Saiba   PTV   PResstv   English   Anti   regime   demonstrations   rage   on   in   Bahrain   despite   the   heavy   handed   crackdown   on   protesters  

Anti-regime demonstrations rage on in Bahrain, despite the heavy-handed crackdown on protesters. In the latest round of protests, regime forces used tear gas to disperse protesters in Abu Saiba, west of the capital Manama. Earlier on Friday, a mass rally was held to condemn a controversial ruling by a Bahraini court which disbanded a Shia Muslim clerical body. The verdict against the Islamic Scholars Council came in a lawsuit filed by Bahrain\'s Justice Ministry accusing the organization of promoting sectarianism. The move has been criticized by the opposition and human rights groups, who say it is part of the regime\'s efforts to silence the voice of dissent. Since 2011, anti-regime demonstrations have been held almost every day in Bahrain, in defiance of the deadly crackdown.

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