From Karbala to Minnesota: A panel discussion with Live Q/A | June 6, 2020 | English

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From Karbala to Minnesota A panel discussion with esteemed scholars | Saturday, June 6 | 10p (EDT)/9p (CDT) | Via Live Stream OBJECTIVE: Educate and unify the American Muslim community in relation to the issues of racism and social justice. Speakers: - Sh Usama Abdulghani - Sh Jaffar Muhibullah - Sh Hussain El-Mekki - Sh Hashim Ali Shabazz - Sh Nurudeen Ali Naqi An effort in collaboration with several organizations and Islamic centers: IABA, SABA, IEC-Houston, MCCFT, AIM, AA, LoG, TheAwaitedOne, IslamicSpiritualAwakening, CASMO, WIIRE

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