Forgive & Forget: Allah will Forgive YOU | NIGHT OF DESTINY | Shaykh Mansour Leghaei | English

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Dear Muslims! These are the days where we must let go of the pains and learn to forgive those who have wronged us, for surely how will Allah forgive us for the injustices we have done in regards to Him unless we learn to forgive? As we mourn the martyrdom of our Master Imam Ali (A), we must take a page from his magnificent life also and learn from his forgiveness and patience on the path of Islam. We must be connected to Allah, the Prophet Muhammad (S) and to the Quran & Ahlulbayt and take this golden opportunity to transcend before it is too lateā€¦ #ImamAli #Quran #Ramadan #Ramadan2020 #Fasting #Ramadhan #Ramadhan2020 #MonthOfRamadhan

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