[29 April 2012] US Drone War - News Analysis - Presstv - English

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[29 April 2012] US Drone War - News Analysis - Presstv - English Some of the mainstream media in the US are reporting it as "US relaxes drone rules in Yemen." In reality, the US has approved a new authority that allows US assassination drones to fire on targets in Yemen even when their identities aren't known: it's called signature airstrikes. How could these drones, which have been described as targeted killings, not that they have hit their targets all the time, to have resulted in many civilian deaths, now fire at targets whose identities are not known? In this news analysis, we will ask our guests whether this is another way for the US to okay civilian deaths as collateral damage, and whether it is a sign to spread this to other countries in order to keep America in a perpetual state of war.

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