[Hajj 2011] Dressed in ihram is a way of describing the state of purity - English

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To carry out Hajj rituals pilgrims need to be in a state of Ihram, which is a special state of spiritual purity, helping to reconnect the people with God. They do this by wearing special white clothes (which are also called ihram). These white robes are meant to present unity and to break down all barriers including social and economic ones. There are a number of locations or miqats designated for wearing ihram garment. For those arriving from Medina, it's Shajarah Mosque. After wearing the Ihram pilgrims say a chant to officially start entering into the state of Ihram. Here I am, O God, at Thy Command! Here I am at Thy Command! Thou art without associate; Here I am at Thy Command! Thine are praise and grace and dominion! Thou art without associate. Pilgrims believe that the moment, when they make their intention while in Ihram dress is a very special and moving moment.

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