[17 June 2012] British government tracking Internet users - The Real Deal - English

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[17 June 2012] British government tracking Internet users - English The British government has proposed legislation that will give blank cheques to Internet and phone firms to pay them to track everyone's E-Mail, Twitter, Facebook and other Internet usage. It is going to cost hundreds of millions of pounds for a massive invasion of people's privacy along with breaching civil rights of almost every citizen in the country and presumably anyone from abroad who communicates with them. The legislation is supposed to catch terrorists before they terrorize, that is of course the excuse! Spain was bailed out during the week at the cost of one hundred billion euros which is around 80 billion pounds and 125 billion dollars. "It is impossible to speak a sentence about the Euro Zone without the words "crisis" and "bail out" in it," said George Galloway. On Sunday, Greeks went to the polls. "If the left wing coalition wins then that would be next week's crisis in the Euro Zone," Galloway added.

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