The Philosophy of Muharram | Sister Spade | English

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Our condolences to all the believers upon the martyrdom of the third divinely appointed Imam, Imam Husayn (A), his family members, and his companions. This year, for the months of Muharram and Safar, Sister Spade brings us special episodes that deal with the event of Karbala, and the various concepts and details which surround it. In this episode, Sister Spade speaks to us about the overall philosophy of Muharram and the event of Karbala, and how every single one of us must choose between good and evil; a continuous choice which eventually determines our destiny. Salutations be upon Husayn, upon Ali ibn al-Husayn, upon the children of Husayn, and upon the companions of Husayn. #SisterSpade #IslamicPulse #ImamHusayn #Husayn #Islam #IslamicPulse #Arbaeen #Karbala #Ashura #Muharram #Safar #Sunnah #Revolution #IslamicRevolution

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