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Shaykh Zakzaky: Post-Imprisonment | IP Talk Show | English

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The Islamic Pulse Talk Show is humbled and honored to present a Shaykh Zakzaky special talk show that focuses on the esteemed and honorable Shaykh Ibrahim Zakzaky. A brilliant and pious human being who has positively impacted the lives of millions across the world, and who always was and always will be, the voice of the voiceless. And so what is the current situation and condition of Shaykh Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in the post-imprisonment era? And who is in ultimate control of the Islamic Ummah? Is the love and admiration for Shaykh Zakzaky limited to only Shias? Furthermore, is the love and respect for Shaykh Zakzaky limited to only Muslims? What are some of the things that the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria do in order to be of service to the masses? What have non-Muslims said about Shaykh Zakzaky after they have witnessed the manners and behaviors of Shaykh Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria? And finally, after all the oppression that Shaykh Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria have witnessed, what has Shaykh Zakzaky called for in his post-imprisonment era? In order to answer these questions and more, we invited Shaykh Abdul-Aziz from Nigeria to speak to us about \"Shaykh Zakzaky: Post-Imprisonment\". #IPTalkShow #IslamicPulse #ShaykhZakzaky #FreeZakzaky #Zakzaky #IMN #Karbala #Islamic_Revolution #Nigeria #Islam #Allah #Islamic-Republic #Khomeini #Khamenei #Leader #Husayn #oppressed #poor #Zaria #Rise

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