[1 June 13] US killing of Pakistani militant leader shatters prospect of talks - English

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he prospects of ending 12 years of pro-Taliban militancy through negotiations in Pakistan are dying down after a US drone attack killed Wali u Rehman Mehsud, the deputy chief of pro-Taliban militants controlling parts of the tribal region in the country\'s northwest. In retaliation, the militants have said they will withdraw their earlier offer to hold talks with the incoming government of Muslim League- Nawaz Sharif. The pro-Taliban militants have slamed the government, in a reference to the country\'s military for conspiring to get their leader killed through a US drone strike. Opposition parties are now mounting pressure on incoming Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to order Pakistan\'s Air Force, after taking the oath of office next week, to shoot down US assassination drones operating in the country\'s tribal areas. Sharif\'s party seeks to convene a meeting of other political parties to decide on a joint course of action on how to deal with Washington\'s continued violation of Pakistan\'s sovereignty. Javed Rana, Press TV, Islamabad

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