A Short History of Hezbollah - Zeina Zaatari - English

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Zeina Zaatari starts with sharing some quotes from her interviews in Lebanon in 2001. She then presents a history of Lebanese-Israeli relationship. Argues that Hezbollah - although supported by Iran-Syria - is very much a Lebanese phenomenon. Talks about Syed Musa Sadrs involvement - formation of Amal - Syed Fadlallahs role in educational activities and his perceived connections to Hezbollah - and finally she comes to the formation of Hezbollah. Her description of Vilayate Faqih may not be fully accurate but that shouldnt distract one from the main theme of her talk. She describes Hezbollahs organizational capacity social welfare projects outreach avenues - all of which were targets of Israels bombardment in Summer 2006. She also describes the dynamics of Hezbollahs influence among its following. Although she warns against seeing these dynamics in instrumental terms - she still focuses on clientalism and does not give sufficient value to identity attachments and religious commitments of the followers among the Shias and support from well-wishers among the general Lebanese population and beyond Lebanon. This clip is from a Berkeley teach-in organized in Sep 2006. Checkout more clips from this event on this site.

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