Kids cartoon - POCOYO - Not in my backyard! English

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Pocoyo discovers some old rubbish and decides to have a clear out. Baby Bird, Pato and Elly do the same. Soon there\'s a huge pile of rubbish, and it turns out it\'s on Caterpillar\'s doorstep. Caterpillar isn\'t best pleased. She throws the rubbish away and it lands on Pato. Pato in turn throws the rubbish into the sea. The rubbish keeps getting thrown around until finally Pocoyo follows the rubbish and realises it\'s just going in a circle. In order to break the cycle, Pocoyo helps his friends make some new fun toys and games out of the rubbish.

Added by KidsWorld on 05-06-2013
Runtime: 7m 17s
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