IRGC & Basij forces drill 2012 رزمايش بيت المقدس - English

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The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps. (IRGC) has held a military drill southeast of Iran\'s capital of Tehran. Around fifteen thousand military personnel of the IRGC and its paramilitary the Basij forces took part in the drills. The IRGC was founded after the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and is a branch of Iran\'s military. On the sidelines of the military maneuvers deputy commander of the IRGC, Hossein Salami, referred to the latest war rhetoric by Israel. Brig. Gen. explained how the enemy tries to use political pressure to force economic sanctions against Iranians, adding: In addition Brig. Gen. Salami said the Zionist regime uses political bluffs and psychological threats against Iran but: He went on to say these tactics are used to force Iran to go to war, reiterating Iran considers them words of \" fierce Battle\": Brig. Gen. Salami talked about Iran\'s strategic defense capabilities if ever attacked by arrogant powers. These military drills are being conducted in eight different regions throughout Iran and will continue till October 19th.

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