[23 June 13] Protests continue in Brazil despite presidents promises - English

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According to the statement by President Rousseff addressing the nation she is going to bring thousands of foreign doctors to improve the national health system, but still many of the protester are not satisfied. According to a poll released this weekend, the vast majority of the protesters are now calling for more vigorous laws to eradicate corruption. They are also calling for the cancellation of a proposed bill that would take away from the Courts the power to investigate and punish corrupt members of the Congress. Protests\' organizers said on Friday that they no longer call for new protests. Changing their minds in just two days, they\'ve now announced plans for new demonstrations starting from next week. They\'ve also said that this time round no one will leave the streets until the promises, which president Rousseff made on T-V, are fulfilled. Rony Curvelo, Press TV , Sao Paulo

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