International Hijab Day - July 1 - In Memory of the Hijab Martyr - English

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International   Hijab   Day   July   1   In   Memory   of   the   Hijab   Martyr   English   Marwa   Sherbini  

The Hijab Martyr Marwa al-Sherbini, has inspired a group of multinational women to call the OIC (Organisation of the Islamic Conference) to declare July 1 the International Day of Hijab. Hijab is an expression of Muslim Women's freedom; and is a choice for them. Democracy is allegedly a pioneer of freedom and as a result should support the right of women to wear the Hijab. Instead Marwa al-Sherbini was murdered in cold blood by Alexander W (full name has never been released by German Authorities) in a German Courtroom with Judge, Jury and Lawyers present by the racist who had initially abused her and sparked the event which led to them being in court in the first place. Her husband was also shot by a police officer when he went to assist his wife; and their child looked on in horror as his mother was murdered and father was wounded. The western media has attempted to cover up this issue; and the exact condition of Marwa's husband is not known since Press TV has been denied access to him by the German authorities. The police officer who shot Marwa's husband has yet to be charged with his crimes and offences by the German authorities.

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