Sabr Means Resistance | Shaykh Usama Abdulghani | English

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We see that lady Fatima Zahra (A) was the embodiment of patience and of Sabr. But what is the correct meaning of Sabr? What was wrong with the people of Medina that led to their downfall? In this Scholar Clip, Shaykh Usama Abdulghani speaks to us about a very important quality that every single one of us needs to inculcate in our selves. We are on the verge of the reappearance of the 12th divinely appointed Imam, Imam al-Mahdi (A), so it\\\'s time to start preparing for the esteemed son of lady Fatima Zahra (A), Imam al-Mahdi (A). Our deepest condolences to all the believers upon the martyrdom of the daughter of the Messenger of Allah, the esteemed and honorable Lady of Light, her eminence lady Fatima Zahra (A). #ScholarClips #IslamicPulse #Sabr #Allah #Ethics #Fatima #Zahra #Martydom #Messenger #Prophet #Muhammad #Muslims #Islam #Wilayat #AhlulBayt #IslamicRevolution #Resistance

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