Pakistan Flood Misery Continues As Parts of Sindh Stay Underwater - 19 SEP 2010 - English

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'No shelter for Pakistan flood victims' The International Organization for Migration (IOM) says that more than 80 percent of Pakistanis, who were rendered homeless by floods, are still left without shelter. The IOM says it only has enough funding to provide 17 percent of the victims with shelter. "We have probably reached something like 2.1 million people, that is only about 17 percent or less than a fifth of the families that actually need emergency shelter," said a senior official from the organization The organization is taking part in the UN led relief efforts in flood-stricken Pakistan. The United Nations is to launch a fresh appeal for funding later this week to help the victims of the worst natural disaster in Pakistan's history. The floods have affected more than 21 million people and left 10 million without shelter. More than eight-million people rely on aid handouts for their survival. The developments come as Pakistani authorities continue efforts to protect several towns in Dadu district near the Indus river in Sindh Province. A Press TV correspondent says more lives are at risk from waterborne diseases in flood-hit areas. The correspondent adds that millions of Pakistan flood victims are leading miserable lives in the southern city of Thatta and several other districts in Sindh Province. They have taken refuge in graveyards or under trees to protect their families from scorching heat in the outskirts of the city. Survivors have been left without food, water, shelter and other basic necessities in Pakistan as a result of last month's flooding. More than 1,750 people have lost their lives due to the weeks-long floods, which have engulfed an area the size of England. Article Source:

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