Earthquakes a Punishment from God? | The Human Cost of Government Corruption | Maulana Syed M Rizvi | English

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Earthquakes a Punishment from God?; The Human Cost of Government Corruption - Maulana Syed M Rizvi - Reviewing the tragic major earthquake in Turkey and Syria - The death toll is 24,000 and rising, with countless more injured and homeless, without food and shelter - Some people say this is Allah\'s punishment upon the people, which is very irresponsible - While He has used natural disasters as a means of punishment, it does not mean every disaster is a punishment - Humans have advanced and adapted to various natural disasters, with technology, tools, and knowledge to help minimize death, injury, and damage - The element of human corruption which hinders genuine efforts, such as Turkish poor enforcement of building safety regulations across the country - Taking proactive measures against natural disasters is not considered to be going against the will of God - These events are a type of test for all people, whether it\'s people affected by them, or others who should support them in whatever capacity possible Friday Juma Khutba February 10th, 2023 Donate towards our programs today: Jaffari Community Centre (JCC Live)

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