Very Healthy Date Bites - English

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Very healthy and super delicious no guilt date bites that is going to satisfy and sugar craving! Ing: 1 13 oz pack baking dates 1/2 cup pistachios 1 to 2 tsp ghee or butter All the below products can be used for garnishing! crushed slivered almonds for garnishing sprinkles for garnishing crushed pistachios for garnishing desiccated coconut for garnishing sweetened coconut flakes for garnishing Method: In a wide frying pan add the ghee and let it melt, then add the dates and flatten it, this will help cook it evenly, on the side add the pistachios and toast it lightly, after about a minute or so mix everything together and cook it for about 3 more minutes. Shut the stove off and divide the mixture in two, put one half of the mixture on a saran wrap and for it in a cylinder then add the topping of your choice make sure the whole thing is coated well, cover it well and pop it in the freezer for about half an hour then unwrap and slice using a serrated knife! Enjoy! Makes about 20

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