Tehran hosts the 7th international conference on Mahdism Doctrine - 14Jul2011 - English

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Saman Kojouri, Press TV, Tehran Thinkers and scholars from 20 countries are taking part in the event. According to Islam, Mahdisim is a belief in the 12th imam of the Muslim Shia household, who is expected to emerge from occultation to fulfill his role and lead the faithful to salvation. The belief varies under different names in different religions. The fundamentals of different religions show a recurring theme the Messiah; the one who is anticipated as the savior and liberator. This belief can be found in Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism as well as a host of other religions too. People always dream of better things: like better things to eat and a better life with no social problems; According to religious teachings when the Savior emerges the world will become full of all these “better” concepts. But the main question, which remains to be answered, is that why mankind waits for a savior in this world. The international conference on Mahdism doctrine will further discuss practical ways to prepare the ground for the reappearance of the savior of mankind.

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