[05 June 13] Iran Today - Irans eleventh presidential election (X) - English

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Only eleven days until the eleventh presidential election in Iran remain. All the candidates are busy campaigning and giving speeches to promote their plans for the public. They will present their plans until a day before the election which would be held on June 14th. All of the eight candidates approved by the Guardian Council have been given a timetable by Iran\'s National Radio and Television Organization to introduce their plans to the public through different channels and different types of programs. Runners grab any chance to travel to Iran\'s major and small cities to meet people in the city mosques, conference halls and stadiums, giving vows to solve their problems. Comparing to the last presidential election, internet websites are more active in promoting their favorite candidates. Supporters have launched different weblogs to announce their campaign slogans. Different unofficial internet polls are being conducted but the results differ based on the political orientation of the websites. On Friday May 31st 2013 the first debate show between the eight candidates was held. This time the debates are different from the heated but troubled debates of the last Election back in 2009. Instead of talking to each other, the candidates were answering the moderator\'s somewhat challenging questions. In this episode of Iran Today we will take a closer look at the candidates\' plans and their views on the policies adopted by the previous administrations.

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