Syrian FSA - Tunisian Ex-Jihadist - Why he Stopped Fighting Alongside the FSA in Syria - English

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Tunisian Ex-Jihadist Tells Tunisian TV Why he Stopped Fighting Alongsid the FSA in Syria This mini-report from Tunisian TV station, Delta TV, shows an interview with a 29-year old Tunisian man who traveled to Syria and fought alongside the \"Free Syrian Army\" (FSA) against the Syrian Army. He explains why he stayed there for slightly over a month and decided to return back to his home country instead of remaining there for Jihad, as is the case with other young Tunisians who were sent to Syria mainly by their imams (clerics). The interview corroborates some of other eyewitness accounts that accuse the FSA of committing massacres in order to frame the Syrian Army. He also states that no medical treatment was given to any foreign (Arab) Jihadist, which meant that any injury could end up in death. He also acknowledges that these Jihadis are being used as cannon fodder to fight a war by proxy.

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