Dhul Qarnayn : The Ultimate Journey - Part 4 I French sub English

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Dhul   Qarnay   The   Ultimate   Journey   French   sub   English  

So, my brothers and sisters, we can hear like you and me, we have heard it before, that it is the little voice of Iblis that whispers in our ears and that\'s right, that\'s the voice of the devil. But today, how this verse makes sense, as it has never made so much sense, because that voice of Iblis, it is evident all over the world. Through what intermediary? Well, through communication tools: Television, information that is broadcast on television, telephones, computers, etc... All means of communication that allow to the machine, to Iblis, through the machine of artificial intelligence. And that he works hard, as we say, so that this voice is permanently broadcasted, by radio waves, by satellites, etc... And that voice is always there. And incite with your voice those among them that you can, he says those you can, because you know that in the rest of the verse, there\'s one part (among people) he can\'t have. And gather against them your cavalry and your infantry, and how can you gather your cavalry and infantry? By sharing with them, how? Through wealth, it means, through money. And through what? Through the children. https://www.timetowitness.com/dhul-qarnayn-the-ultimate-journey-part-4/ 📺 Check out our Playlists Science & Technology : https://link.timetowitness.com/play/science Eschatology : https://link.timetowitness.com/play/eschatology Spirituality: https://link.timetowitness.com/play/spirituality Neom Project: https://link.timetowitness.com/play/neom 🔴 Don\'t forget to 🔴 🔵 Join our Telegram channel : https://link.timetowitness.com/telegram ✅ Subscribe to our channel : https://link.timetowitness.com/youtube/subscribe 📩 Subscribe to our newsletter : https://link.timetowitness.com/email/subscribe 🔴 Follow us on 🔴 🌐 Our Blog : https://www.timetowitness.com/ 📢 Facebook : https://link.timetowitness.com/facebook 📢 Twitter : https://link.timetowitness.com/twitter 📢 Pinterest : https://link.timetowitness.com/pinterest 📢 Reddit : https://link.timetowitness.com/reddit 📢 Instagram : https://link.timetowitness.com/instagram PLEASE NOTE: Any of the views expressed by the speakers do not necessarily represent the views of Time2Witness or any other projects it may have or intend to do. Time2Witness and it\'s affiliates do not advocate nor condone any unlawful activity towards any individual or community.

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