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Why does GOD allow suffering? | Answering Atheism 3| BISKIT If God is real… Why all the pain? Why all the suffering? And more importantly, why can’t I afford all the lovely things I want? Surely, if God was real, the world would be a glittering dimension of absolute bliss- not this hellish pit! …Right? Wrong. The Prophets and Messengers, whether Abraham, Jesus or Muhammad (S), all taught that the world is a place of trials and hardships and, more importantly, that it is is a temporary realm! So get over yourself and try to make this dull place a little brighter! God wants you to try and rid the world of corruption, spread his praises and rid the world of poverty. Ironically, when it comes to stepping up and making this change happen, it’s those who have disbelief in their hearts who become stingy! \"And when it is said to them: Spend out of what Allah has given you, those who disbelieve say to those who believe: Shall we feed him whom, if Allah please, He could feed? You are in naught but clear error.” -The Holy Qur’an (36:47) Both Muslims and non-Muslims have this unfortunate attitude: \'the world’s a mess, but God can sort it out\'. While the reality is, God has placed the burden of making the world a better place on the shoulders of his creation: you and me! This attitude exists in those who do not sincerely believe, some of whom are Muslims simply because they were born into Muslim households… which incidentally, is one of the key arguments that Atheists present...

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