Lahore Twin Bomb Blast - 12 March 2010 - Urdu

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According to GeoTV report, LAHORE: Two suicide attackers blew themselves up near security forces vehicles in R A Bazar area of South Cantt as crowds gathered for Friday prayers killing at least 39 people including five security personnel and injuring 95, Geo News reported. "Thirty-nine people were killed and 95 wounded in the attacks," Inspector General Police Punjab Tariq Salim Dogar told reporters after visiting the blast site. "We have collected concrete technical evidence, which will help identify the attackers. Both the attackers were on foot," he added. Five security men were dead and 15 injured in the attack, security sources said. "There were two suicide bombers who attacked two military vehicles within the space of 15 seconds," SSP Operations Mohammad Shafiq told Geo News. "The heads of both attackers have been found," he said. Rescue workers and paramedics rushed to the R A Bazaar, a densely populated area of the city. The area was crowded as the blasts occurred shortly before the main Friday prayers were to start. Emergency has been declared in city hospitals and injured were shifted to CMH and other hospitals. Security forces have cordoned off the area and traffic was blocked. Media was not allowed to go near the scene.

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