[17 Dec 2013] Iran Today - Iran next year budget bill - English

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17   Dec   2013   Iran   Today   Iran   next   year   budget   bill   PTV   Presstv   English   On   the   8th   of   December   2013   Iran   president   Hassan   Rouhani   submitted   the   budget   draft   for   next   Iranian   fiscal   year   to   parliament  

On the 8th of December 2013 Iran\'s president Hassan Rouhani, submitted the budget draft for next Iranian fiscal year to parliament, a draft that reflects the new government\'s stance on the economy. Hassan Rouhani has been Iran\'s president for a little more than five months. Back in June 2013 when presidential campaigning was going on, Iran\'s television network made it possible for candidates to offer the analysis of the country\'s current situation and make their case for fixing what needs fixing in other\'s presence. And it was Hassan Rouhani who managed to win the people\'s votes with his staunch criticism of the previous administration\'s economic and foreign policies and his promise to make his government based on trust and wisdom and one that will cultivate hope. He also vowed to turn the economy around, something he seems to have done in his first five months in office. The team he put together to make good on his economic policies, all seasoned economists and budget planners, has shown the nation that as well as talking the talk, Rouhani can also walk the walk. Members of parliament have given the president\'s economic cabinet members the vote of confidence, even though the new administration must adhere to the economic policies of the previous one until March 2014 when Iran\'s fiscal year ends. In this addition of the show we focus on the budget draft submitted to parliament, and what\'s been going on since it was drawn up.

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