The Great Status of Lady Fatima Masuma (S) | Ustad Masood Aali | Farsi Sub English

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Our condolences to the believers all across the world upon the martyrdom of Lady Fatima Masuma (A). The esteemed and honorable lady Fatima Masuma (A) was the granddaughter of an Infallible Imam, she was the daughter of an Infallible Imam, she was the sister of an Infallible Imam, she was the aunt of an Infallible Imam, and she was given the title \\\"Masuma\\\" by an Infallible Imam. What miracle did lady Fatima Masuma show when she was only or 10 years old? What did Imam Musa ibne Ja\\\'far al-Kadhim (A) say about lady Fatima Masuma; a statement that was only said previously by the holy Messenger of Allah (S)? Ustad Masood Aali from the Islamic Republic gives us a short biography of this esteemed lady from the household of the holy Messenger of Allah (A) and answers the question as to what it means when we say \\\"O\\\' Fatima Masuma, intercede for us in Heaven\\\"; a statement found in lady Fatima Masuma\\\'s famous Ziyarat.

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