Lying & Masturbation | Fasting | Ahkam Notes EP11 | English

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Lesson 11: -attributing a lie to Allah, the Holy Prophet (S) or the Ahlulbayt (A), breaks the fast -is there a difference between saying a lie and writing it down? -what if you confess that you lied? -what if you’re certain that the hadith/quote is true, but later find out it was not true? -what if you quote a lie that was created by someone else? -if a fasting person does not pray his/her namaz -touching a corpse requires a special ghusl (once the body is cold). Does touching a corpse break the fast? -what if you perform any of the fast breakers (e.g you eat) forgetfully or unintentionally? -does listening to music break the fast? -the definition of masturbation -matters to do with masturbation and sexual intercourse during fasting

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