The Night of Thaqalain: 15th Sha\'ban | IP Talk Show | English

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What are some important points about the 15th of Sha\'ban? What do some of the Mufasireen, the exegetes, of the holy Qur\'an say about the 15th of Sha\'ban when compared with the Laylatul Qadr of the holy month of Ramadan? Finally, how does the famous tradition of Thaqalain from the holy Prophet Muhammad (S) relate to all this? In order to answer these questions we invited Shaykh Muhammad Husayn from Trinidad and Tobago, to sit down with us and discuss \"The Night of Thaqalain\" and this great Eid, the 15th of Sha\'ban, the birth anniversary of the Awaited Savior, Imam al-Mahdi (A). Our heartiest congratulations to the whole of humanity on the auspicious Eid, the occasion of the birth anniversary of the Imam of the Age, the Awaited Savior of Humanity, Imam al-Mahdi (A). #IPTalkShow #IslamicPulse #15Shaban #ImamMahdi #AwaitedSavior #AwaitedOne #Wilayate #Imamate #Justice #Mahdi #Truth #Intezar #Revolution #IslamicRevolution #Islam #AhlulBayt

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