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What kind of religion is Islam? And why are some people discouraged by religion? What is one of the greatest miracles of Islam? Overall, what does the holy Qur\\\'an teach us? How have some of us Muslims failed as regards to Islam? What role should justice play in our lives? And what is one of the ultimate aims of Islam? What does the life of Imam Ali (A) teach us about justice? Finally, what is a real world example of the justice of pure Muhammadan Islam versus the justice of western civilization? Sayyid Haydar Hasanayn gives a passionate, yet logical explanation about \\\"Islam, the Qur\\\'an, and Justice\\\". This series is based on the extraordinary book, Imam Khamenei’s “An Outline of Islamic Thought In the Quran”. #Unplugged #IslamicPulse #Islam #Quran #Ahlulbayt #ImamKhamenei #KhameneiTheGreat

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