The Life of Shaheed Arif Husayni | IP Talk Show | English

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Islamic Pulse Productions is proud and humbled to present our very first IP Talk show about a great and honorable martyr, in a long of line Islamic Revolutionary martyrs dating back to Imam Husayn ibne Ali (A). We invited Shaykh Ali Qomi to come and discuss with us the life of Shaheed Arif Husayn al-Husayni; a martyr who lived and died firmly upon the path of Wilayat. Where did this martyr grow up? What Islamic Seminaries did he attend? What were his political and religious stances? What led to his murder at the hands of the enemies of Islam? And finally, what legacy has Shaheed Allamah Arif Husayn al-Husayni left for us to follow. \\\\\\\"And do not consider those who have been slain in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Nourishing Lord, receiving their provision,\\\\\\\" [Qur’an 03:169] #IPTalkShow #IslamicPulse #ArifHusayni #Shaheed #Islamic_Revolution #Wilayat #ShaheedArif #Islam #Allah #Resistance

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