Hifz e Mozoee 077 | شبِ قدر میں قرآن کا نزولِ | Urdu

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Hifz-e-Mozoee (Har Roz Quran o Ahlebait(A.S) k Sath) | ہر روز قرآن و اہلبیت علیہم السلام (Lessons of Life For The Whole Year 365 Days) (حفظ موضوعی 365 موضوعات) Explanator: Dr.Syed Ali Abbas Naqvi Tilawat: Qari Muhammad Zaman Translation: Sheikh Mohsin Najfi (#Balagh_ul_Quran​​) Translation Voice: Syed Wajahat Hussain Rizvi

Added by Saeed on 29-04-2021
Runtime: 2m 13s
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