Imam Mahdi (A)\\\'s Arrival : the Final Set-Up (Post-2020) | Shaykh Ali | English

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An urgent and imperative message for all the believers at this pivotal juncture in human history. We are living in historic times and are witnessing days which the Leader, Imam Khamenei, refers to as ‘the Days of Allah’… Major events are unraveling at a rapid pace. For those who understand, this is the time to truly come to terms with the fact that the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi (A) is around the corner, that the Islamic Resistance is now on the cusp of victory and that unimaginable events are about to take place… How strange! The enemies appear to believe in Imam Mahdi (A) more than some of the believers, and they have prepared for it… #Islam #ThePromisedSaviour #ImamMahdi #Reappearance #Zuhoor #Hujjah #Wilayah #Ahlulbayt #Quran #Hadith #ThePromisedSavior #TheAwaitedOne #2020 #2021 #Covid19 #QasemSolaymani #QasemSoleimani #WW3 #Iran #America

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