Can You Kill the Animal Within? | The Butterfly Within Pt. 3 | Br. Khalil Jafar | English

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Don’t get married, get your degree and your education first, they say. But is this what Islam teaches? \\\"Nothing will give you as great an illusion as the first few hours of a diet” - Br. Khalil Jafar aptly points out in his discourses relating to the two “natures\\\" which exist within human beings: the “fitrah” (divine innate nature) and the “tabiah” (animal nature). The question posed here is, “is it possible for us to totally disconnect from the animal nature (tabiah)?” Let us take the examples of those cultures and ideologies of the past, such as the Indian mystics and Catholics, who promoted ideas like celibacy, self-mortification and self-harm in order to punish the body and separate the desires of man from the worldly realms. In the end, we will recognize that tabiah (the animal nature within us) cannot be plucked out of our existence. #ButterflyWithin #IslamicTeachings #PureIslam #Islam #Soul #Spirit #MindSoulBody

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