Renewed Karachi violence claims more lives - 29Oct2011 - English

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After a brief period of relative calm in the port city of Karachi, the incidents of sectarian targeted killings once again claimed the lives of two members of the shia community including an ex-secretary of Shia ulema council, Kauser Zaidi. Furious participants of the funeral procession, behind me, are demanding what they call their primary right of security from the state which they say has failed so far to deliver this right. The men who unsuccessfully tried to kill Zaidi in August finally accomplished their mission on Friday at Pakistan Chowk, a place near to the financial street of Pakistan, the II Chindrigar road. The 50-year-old former secretary of the Shia Ulema Council was shot at close range as he was on his way home with his wife. She emerged unscathed. Just three hours later, another Shia man was gunned down in the city. The city witnessed a relative peace after the apex court of the country started hearing of Karachi violence in Ramadan. Observers believe that this may start a new wave of violence in Karachi as Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar is approaching. The Shia community in Balochistan also came under intense attack recently when about 29 people were killed in two separate, targeted incidents including an attack in Mastung on pilgrims heading to Iran. According to the Human Rights commission of Pakistan, over 1400 people were killed during the first eight months of the 2011 because of ethnic, sectarian and political violence. Experts say although the raids have been started by the law enforcement agencies against those responsible, following the Supreme court\\\'s verdict over Karachi violence, but due to the politicization of these institutions, results of these crackdowns will be limited.

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