Arba’een Reflections: Therapy at the Arba\'een Walk | Therapist/Islamic scholar | Arba\'een 2021 - English

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Arbain   Walk   Arbaeen   Karbala   Najaf   Iraq   Iran   Syria   Yemen   Ziyarah   Ziyarat   Arbaeen   2021   Muharram   Moharram   1443  

Therapy & psychological assistance at the Arba’een Walk Have you ever imagined a therapy and counselling Mowkib to be set up at the Arbaeen Walk? Well, meet Hojatoleslam Mostafa Jahangiri, a counsellor, therapist and Islamic scholar, joining the walk all the way from Qom, Iran to provide these services to the pilgrims of Imam Husayn (a) for free. Watch as he speaks about his experience setting up a mental health camp at the Najaf to Karbala Arbaeen Walk route. Keywords: Arbain, Arbain Walk, Arbaeen, Karbala, Najaf, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Ziyarah, Ziyarat, Arbaeen 2021, 2021, Muharram, Moharram, 1443

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