Russia, Ukraine & Boohoo Propaganda | BACKFIRE | English

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The current Ukraine crisis has taken the world by storm and some, by surprise. With the barrage of mainstream media excerpts being surreptitiously popularized through platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, many are being deceived into keyboard-bashing their support for Ukraine and perpetuating the false notion that Putin is the new Hitler with WWIII on the horizon. Many are raising their voices in protest against Russia, yet the shameful crocodile tears of the Western elite are reflected in their silence over Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and the nations enduring great oppression at the hands of the USA, its stooges, and its employees. Shaykh Muzaffer Abbas Hyder from the UK highlights some of the important - and often overlooked - facts surrounding the Ukraine crisis. Who is behind the manufacturing of this conflict? Are the hypocritical Western powers justified in their usage of political jargon like, “Nazis”, “Fascism” and “Dictator”? Why is it that Russian millionaires are branded as “oligarchs” while American billionaires are celebrated by the common public? And, most importantly, what should be done by truth-seekers, Revolutionaries and freedom-loving people across the globe? #BackFire #FollowTheLeader #Ukraine #Russia #Putin #Zelenskyy #Resistance #ResistanceAxis #Syria #Assad #Iran #Revolution #Soviet #SovietRussia

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