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Ghadeer Khumm is a sacred landmark where the holy Prophet delivered one of his most important and sensitive sermons to thousands of Muslims. In this sermon, the Prophet announced Imam Ali (AS) as his successor in leading the Muslims. The Prophet ordered the Muslims to swear their allegiance to Imam Ali to honor and uphold his appointment. Despite the exceptional importance of Ghadeer Khumm, its exact location remains unknown. After the Prophet’s demise, despite the wake of misinformation and hostility against his successor, the sermon at Ghadeer Khumm remained a formative event honored by all Muslims. There is no other Islamic event during the life of the holy Prophet that could compete with Ghadeer Khumm in terms of the corroboration and authenticity of narrations surrounding the event. Ghadeer Khumm harbors many mysteries in its holy lands. These mysteries motivated us to locate this lost, significant landmark and uncover its secrets.

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