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The “Lady of Heaven” is a $15 million-budget British film written by Yassir Habib, which has confused a number of the believers, who are asking: is the film a good thing or a bad thing? Taking advantage of this confusion, Ammar Nakshawani has taken to the pulpit to express his full support for this film – adding further fuel to the fire of fitnah. UK-born Shaykh Muzaffer Hyder explains why the \\\"Lady Of Heaven\\\" movie is more dangerous than ISIS and unveils the plots of the British regime, which has historically targeted Shia and Sunni Islam through the creation of deviant sects. Key puppets of this plot today are Yassir Habib and Ammar Nakshawani, while there are numerous other individuals as well. Please note that Islamic Pulse is proud to follow the Shia School of Thought and we adhere vigilantly to the Pure Muhammadan Islam of the Quran and Ahlulbayt (A). While we do not, (and never will) follow the first, second or third Caliphs, we believe firmly that it is Islamically forbidden [haram] to insult and abuse those who are revered by Sunnis. Those who claim to be Shia but engage in insulting and abusing the revered sunni personalities are either ill-informed or working for an agenda. *DISCLAIMER* We are sorry to have to show some of the foul things stated by Yassir Habib and Ammar Nakshawani. It is because of the dire need to explain what is going on that we have been forced to showcase some examples of the rhetoric of British Shiaism in order to get the message across. We pray that this BACKFIRE will end the confusion for many and make crystal clear the agenda behind the sinister efforts of #BritishShiaism, which is a clear instance of deviated innovation. The Prophet (S) said, “When deviant innovations arise in my community, the scholar must display his knowledge; and those who do not do this deserve the curse of Allah.” [al-Kafi, v. 1, p. 54, no. 2] We consider it our duty as students of the Islamic seminary of Qom to expose the deviation which is taking place and warn the believers to recognize it and disassociate from it. Who is funding, protecting and promoting #BritishShiaism? Why has Nakshawani gone against the sentiments and clear instructions of the honorable Marjas of today? How far has Ammar Nakshawani actually fallen from the pure, original message of Islam and the Shia School of Thought? To put things in proper context, please make sure that you have seen these vital videos available at Islamic Pulse: \\\"British Shi\\\'ism Exposed | The Shirazis, \\\"Imam\\\" Tawhidi, Yassir Habib, Allayari | BACKFIRE\\\" \\\"BISKIT | What the heck is Islamic Unity?\\\" \\\"What\\\'s the FUSS between SHIAS & SUNNIS? | BISKIT\\\" #BACKFIRE #IslamicUnity #Brotherhood #Respect #Love #Tolerance #Quran #Ahlulbayt #Sunni #Shia #BISKIT #BritishShiaism #ImamKhamenei #AyatollahSistani #AyatollahAraki #Marjas #Sectarianism #DivideAndRule #OneUmmah

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