America's Titanic of Oppression Is Sinking Fast! | Resistance Rap | Farsi Sub English

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What are some of the contradictions found in the global Arrogant Powers, especially America, who\'s at their head? What has America done vis-à-vis Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, and Syria, despite calling themselves the supporters of human rights? What was the role of America vis-à-vis the ISIS/DAESH terrorist organization, despite calling themselves the fighters of terrorism? What do the Americans and the Global Arrogant Powers show themselves behind the negotiation table, but what are they when they take their masks off? \"No one can beat my record in [committing] crimes.\" \"My hobby is gambling with people’s lives.\" \"MY NAME IS AMERICA!\" This Resistance Rap speaks about how \"America\'s Titanic of Oppression Is Sinking Fast!\" in a very unique way. And remember, we can\'t stand idly by as bloodthirsty wolves try to rule the world.

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