Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Martyrs Day Speech - February 16,2020 (English Voiceover)

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Sayyed   Hassan   Nasrallah   Martyrs   Day   Speech   -   February   16,2020   (English   Voiceover)  

Important points of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah\'s speech 16 February 2021 Martyrs Day: ⭕-Nasrallah: I send my salutations to people of Bahrain, and hope they return Bahrain back to its normal, natural place, after its traitorous leaders made country into base for normalization w/Zionist enemy, betrayal of Palestinian cause. ⭕-Nasrallah: Sheikh Ragheb Harb launched the position of refusing to shake hands/deal with the enemy, particularly when the enemy is the Zionist enemy. This refusal is in and of itself a weapon in the Resistance\'s arsenal. ⭕-Nasrallah: On recent accusations being bandied around in Lebanon [over Lokman Slim\'s murder]. Every time something bad happens in Lebanon, accusations and insults directed against Hezbollah. Local, Arab, and Social media used to direct these accusations ⭕-Nasrallah: What is happening to us violates all principles and laws. In every legal system, one is innocent until proven guilty. Except in Lebanon. When it comes to Hezbollah, we are guilty and condemned until our innocence is proven. ⭕-Nasrallah: I understand Hariri\'s insistence on holding on to Interior Ministry. Hezbollah/AMAL did this on Finance Ministry, so we understand other parties doing the same. ⭕-Nasrallah: We have a problem in Lebanon called social media networks. Someone issues a statement, it\'s then picked up by supporters of one group against another, and it appears that there\'s a big crisis. There are American and Israeli electronic armies trying to initiate sectarian, political clashes in Lebanon. Recently, a Jordanian - obviously acting for Israel - was boasting that he initiated social media clash between Iranians and Iraqis. We must beware of this. Even among supporters of allied political parties, you\'ll have people who resurrect old issues and clash on social media. And then political parties have to clean up mess. I\'m not telling people not to express their opinions. Just to do it without insults, accusations, attacking symbols and figures. And just because someone, especially from allies, made a verbal mistake, don\'t go ripping their head off. We\'re friends, and this can be handled civilly. ⭕-Nasrallah: When we look at region, which powerfully impacts Lebanon, there are several factors to consider: Iranian nuclear issue, in light of new US admin and its new positions. We also note obvious Israeli , Saudi concern, and disagreement w/US ⭕-Nasrallah: Second, the Yemen issue -- new US admin, for several reasons I don\'t have time to analyze, stopped support for Saudi war, appointment of Yemen rep, called for end to war. If even in form, this is a positive matter, but Yemenis have right to be cautious. Enemy [US] could be playing trick, so Yemenis have reason to be cautious. But, change in US direction on Yemen war is positive ⭕-Nasrallah: Now on Syria issue, w/new Biden admin, we have to see US stance on east of Euphrates, Kurds, Turks, ISIS revival. US admin says its goal isn\'t to protect oil anymore but to fight ISIS, and now the Americans are re-releasing ISIS fighters into Syria, Iraq. So they\'ll have excuse to stay. If Trump admin wanted to remain in some places and withdraw from others, seems Biden admin wants to reassert American presence everywhere, so they revived ISIS ⭕-Nasrallah: Of course, the Resistance will once again defeat ISIS as it did before. Now, as [US] trying to revive ISIS in Iraq, Syria, and also in Lebanon, Hezbollah must go on the offensive to deal with this ISIS revival ⭕-Nasrallah: Clear US Biden admin\'s priority is China and Russia. China is economic threat to US, unbearable to Americans. This could be reason, in initial phase, how to deal w/ME issues differently. Not moral difference, but admission of realities: Iran, Syria, Yemen resilience. So American calculus is how to quickly deal w/these issues to free up itself to deal w/China ⭕-Nasrallah: On Israeli-Palestinian issue, no one is even talking about Deal of the Century. Looks like when Trump and Kushner left -- it was Kushner\'s deal anyway -- Deal of Century was abandoned, which is concerning to Israel, Saudi Arabia. Deal of Century Triangle was Trump-Israel-Saudi. Now, we hear US Secretary of State say they don\'t recognize Israeli soveriegnty over Golan, Jerusalem remains issue to be negotiated, and talking about 2 State Solution -- these are indicators Deal of Century over. This is because of resilience of Palestinians, Resistance Axis, against Trump, so it\'s forcing new US admin to reevaluate how to deal with this issue ⭕-Nasrallah: We think Israelis are exaggerating importance of normalization, just like they did w/Egypt and Jordan. Yes, Israel has peace w/Egyptian, Jordanian state, but their peoples have taken a very clear stance against Israel. We see this in position of Bahraini people, opposition, clerics who oppose normalization w/Israel or dealings w/Bahraini financial institutions w/Israel. And the Bahrainis are under threat from their leaders. We see same opposition in Tunisia, Algeria, Pakistan and other countries. So, we\'re betting on the people in these countries, because this is a battle for the people. We\'re not asking them to carry a weapon, just to boycott Israel and Israelis in every way. ⭕-Nasrallah: Israeli army chief Kochavi said that Israeli leadership must undergo change -- pretending they adhere to law and only target military targets. He said Israel must change approach, and if weapons are stored among civilians, they must strike them as well. Who is he fooling, that this is a change? IDF is a terrorist army that targets civilians, and this is attempt to give good image to ugliest, most murderous army in history of humanity ⭕-Nasrallah: Hezbollah is not seeking confrontation. But if you strike our towns and civilians, we will strike yours. In any case, we actually have civilians. But by Israeli admission, Israeli people are an army in reserve. They go to work, school, but all soldiers. So there really is no real distinction between Israeli soldiers and civilians. In the past, we deterred Israel by striking their settlements and colonies. We\'ll do it again. ⭕-Nasrallah: Israel can\'t act like it did in the past. We are in the era of the Resistance. Of course, Resistance deals w/these matters patiently, but no one should think we will be lax in defending ourselves

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