[MUST WATCH] When He Calls | Full length feature film about the Arbaeen walk | English

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A spectacular film made by the Islamic Pulse Production team featuring battle-renactments and historical stage play. With flashbacks to the past, an original music score and on-the-ground footage, When He Calls will make you and the family feel as though you’re on the blessed journey yourself. Almost everyone who has seen this has been inspired by it. “BRILLIANT WORK!” “AMAZING.... EXCELLENT… SPEECHLESS...” “SO INSPIRED BY THIS” “LABAIK YA HUSAYN!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" When our film makers set out to capture the extraordinary journey of Howza students partaking in the Arbaeen walk, they had one simple message they wanted to convey: when Imam Husayn (A) calls us, we go. By the grace of Allah, this simple idea transformed into something ground-breaking and innovative.

Added by IslamicPulse on 13-11-2016
Runtime: 39m 12s
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