The Enforcement of LGBT on Society | Makinations 8 | English

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The Holy Prophet (S) said that the Mahdi (A) will appear, “When the men will resemble women and the women will resemble men, men will suffice with men and women will suffice with women […] and when unlawful sex will be committed…”. Today, laws are being passed, financial resources spent and powerful organizations being forged in order to push the LGBT agenda and enforce it on the global society. LGBT rights activists are being empowered through “freedom of speech” while religious “zealots” are being silenced in the name of “hate speech”. This episode of the #Makinations explores how the complete implementation of gender-mainstreaming is being enforced upon the people of the world. #GenderNeutral #GenderFluidity #LGBT #LGBTRights #FreedomOfSpeech #EU #UN

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