Taking the Iranian Vaccine & Shopping | Howza Life | English

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Shaykh Muzaffer Hyder took the Iranian vaccine and all three of the kids got their regular kids’ vaccinations (for polio and whatnot) - Dhoha didn’t cry at all! And, she started her first day at playschool in Iran, where she’s gonna learn surahs of the Holy Quran. Sayyida Fatima Ali explains some of the efforts we Howza students endure to cope with the high prices - such as shopping in the local markets rather than at the big convenience stores! It’s all part and parcel of living the #HowzaLife! #IslamicPulse #HowzaLife #Iran #SummerHolidays #SchoolBreak #Islam #Quran #Ahlulbayt #Covid #Vaccine

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