Arba’een Reflections: ‘Husayni’ is your identity | Moulana Zameer Jaffri | Arbaeen Walk 2021 Urdu/English

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“From now on, ‘Husayni’ is your identity” When a drop falls into the ocean, is it still just a drop? No. It becomes a part of the ocean. Till a day before you enter the Arbaeen Walk, you may be a British, an American, a Pakistani, an Indian… but now, you’re nothing except a Husayni (a). Watch the video as Moulana Zameer Abbas Jaffri explains the importance of getting rid of all kinds of differences and divides in this path. Keywords: Arbain, Arbain Walk, Arbaeen, Karbala, Najaf, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Ziyarah, Ziyarat, Arbaeen 2021, 2021, Muharram, Moharram, 1443

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