[18 Feb 2014] The Debate - Nuclear Negotiations - English

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18   Feb   2014   The   Debate   Nuclear   Negotiations   PTV   Presstv   English   Iran   and   the   P5   1   resume   nuclear   talks   some   three   months   after   reaching   an   interim   deal   Iran   says   the   dismantling   of   its   nuclear   faci  

Iran and the P5+1 resume nuclear talks some three months after reaching an interim deal. Iran says the dismantling of its nuclear facilities is not on the agenda. Just a few days ago, the country\'s leader, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said he was \"not optimistic\" about the negotiations but would not oppose them. Does Iran have good reasons to distrust the US? Is a final agreement within reach? I\'m Homa Lezgee and you\'re watching the Debate. Guests: -Press TV Newsroom Director, Hamid Reza Emadi (Tehran). - American Institute for Foreign Policy, Michael Linn (Washington). Subjects: 1) In Geneva both parties agreed that \"the Iranian nuclear program will be treated in the same manner as that of any non-nuclear weapon state party to the non-proliferation treaty\". Yet Wendy Sherman, the US nuclear negotiator, told Congress she believes that Iran has no need for either a heavy water reactor or the second enrichment facilities in Fordo. She added that Iran should give up some centrifuges. All these demands go beyond the requirements of the NPT. How do you explain the duplicity? 2) Iran has announced it won\'t suspend activities in the Arak heavy water reactor, will not reduce the number of its centrifuges or stop RD-related projects...so is there going to be major disagreements about the agenda of the talks? 3) American insistence on \"zero enrichment in Iran\" is one reason for the failure of past talks. Last November\'s deal was only possible because the US was prepared to be more realistic. 4) Measures that go beyond the NPT may be required for a time to build confidence. 5) As long as the US keeps repeating its threat that \"all options are on the table\", including military action, compromise seems uncertain... 6) What is a compromise? Iran will probably have to accept temporary limitations on its nuclear program and submit to extra inspections. In return, world powers must respect the country\'s right to the peaceful use of nuclear technology, including enrichment. 7) How do you interpret the recent remarks by Iran\'s leader that he is \"not optimistic\" about the negotiations? Does Tehran have good reasons to distrust the US? 8) Is a final agreement within reach?

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