[03 Nov 2013] Leader of Bahrain\'s al-Wefaq Islamic Society summoned for questioning - English

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03   Nov   2013   Leader   of   Bahrain   al   Wefaq   Islamic   Society   summoned   for   questioning   PTV   Presstv   English   Bahrain   police   have   summoned   Sheikh   Ali   Salman   the   head   of   Bahrain   main   opposition   group  

Bahrain\'s police have summoned, Sheikh Ali Salman, the head of Bahrain\'s main opposition group al-Wefaq for questioning. Sources inside the kingdom\'s interior ministry have revealed the summons without providing any specific reason for that. Al-Wefaq has also confirmed the news, describing it part of the regime\'s blackmailing and revenge tactics against anti-government protesters. Bahraini authorities shut and dismantled an exhibition on anti-government demonstrations on Wednesday. They said the exhibition--set up by al-Wefaq--violates the law. Back in September, al-Wefaq\'s deputy leader Khalil al-Marzouq was also arrested on charge of inciting protests against the Al Khalifa ruling family. Although he was released in late October, he will stand trial in December.

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