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With a brand new year here, it is appropriate to remember all those who are truly living; while we are the ones who aren\\\'t. So, right in the beginning of this new year, we send our salutations to all our esteemed martyrs, past, present, and future. But what are some of the verses of the word of Allah, the immaculate Qur\\\'an, when it comes to the concept of martyrdom? And is there only one kind of martyrdom? Finally, what is the reward of a martyr? Sayyid Shahryar answers these questions and more with the verses of the very word of Allah, in this CubeSync special. Salutations and blessings be upon our eternally living martyrs. May we join your auspicious ranks and become \\\"A Martyr of Your Cause\\\". We are the nation of martyrdom. We are the nation of Imam Husayn (A). #CubeSync #IslamicPulse #Allah #Ethics #Quran #Martydom #Muslims #Islam #Martyr #Shaheed #Wilayat #AhlulBayt #IslamicRevolution

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