American Hussaini Chapter 1: Intro - English

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The entire movie must be watched in full, otherwise the overall message and context will not be fully understood. Do not jump to conclusions or make a judgment about the contents of this film until the whole thing is viewed. American Hussaini is a documentary of one American’s unlikely journey to Islam and Iraq. It unveils Islamic convert Ali Salaam’s moving experience into the heart of the Global South (a.k.a. the third world). Despite their abject poverty, the people of Iraq are some of the most hospitable people in the world, asking nothing of return except for Imam Hussain (as), beloved grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (saww), to make du’a to Allah SWT on their behalf on the Day of Judgment, as well as to follow God’s divine command to serve their fellow humanity, which they do plenty of during the Arbaeen processions. The documentary also tackles the new world order power structure that puts much of the world in a state of perpetual war, suffering, and poverty that is closely linked with the Dajjal, an accursed figure in Islamic theology. Issues like imperialism, central banking/usury, objectification of women, media mind control, false flags, and other hidden aspects of history will be dissected as it relates to the current situation facing the Muslim world and the human family as a whole. Salaam is not known for keeping religion or politics away from the dinner table – American Hussaini is bound to shatter the worldview and cognitive dissonance of people subjected to years of mainstream media brainwashing and open their hearts to accept the reality that we are all one human family and we must end the suffering and tyrannical enslavement that unjustly divides and conquers God’s creation. American Hussaini features the music of the following conscious artists: Blak Madeen Professor A.L.I. Immortal Technique Madd Cold and more…

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